Different Paths

                                             Support and advice for families of 
                                                                                                      children with Additional Support 
                                                                                                      Needs and ASD in Edinburgh 
                                                                                                      & the Lothians

Professional Testimonials

Sandra is an extremely experienced practitioner in the area of Additional Support Needs, severe and complex needs and Autism. She has an impressive theoretical knowledge and is deeply committed to her vocation. Sandra has a sound understanding of the challenges faced by children and families and she is always holistic in her approach. She understands that every child is different and therefore requires specific, individual planning, She is experienced in  supporting them not only to make the best possible progress but often to exceed expectations. Above all, Sandra forms strong, supportive relationships, crucial when working collaboratively.

Vicky Donaldson

Head Teacher

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I met Sandra 20 years ago when she aided my transition into special education.

Sandra is a well-qualified practitioner in the very particular area of children and young people with additional support needs, autism & complex needs. She has wide experience in this area: as a classroom teacher, in school management roles and as an outreach teacher supporting parents and children in their own homes.

She is sensitive, very knowledgeable and a great problem-solver. I would recommend her to any parents with a child or young person with ASN or autism who are need help and advice. Nothing phases her and she really can offer help & support.

Lindy  Furby  (ASN class teacher)

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