Different Paths

                                             Support and advice for families of 
                                                                                                      children with Additional Support 
                                                                                                      Needs and ASD in Edinburgh 
                                                                                                      & the Lothians

Service Fee's


Initial assessment visit - £35.00

 This is the first visit/meeting with you and your child. We will spend time discussing the support you are looking for and how we can work to create a personal plan for you. It would also be helpful for me to spend some time observing & interacting with your child.

This visit will take between 1 -2 hours.

 consultancy meeting/home visit  £25 (per hour)

Individualised resources-

For some families it may be necessary for certain visual resources to be created to support your child. These could include visuals using Board maker symbols, visual social stories, behaviour cards and work activities. The time and materials required to create this can be factored in to the work undertaken.

If you require these kind of resources we can discuss this further when working together.