Different Paths

                                             Support and advice for families of 
                                                                                                      children with Additional Support 
                                                                                                      Needs and ASD in Edinburgh 
                                                                                                      & the Lothians

What Different Paths can offer you and your family.

Different Paths is a Consultancy and support service for children with Additional Support Needs (ASN) and Autism & their families. It is an individual and confidential service offering advice and practical support in many different areas including: Understanding your child’s diagnosis, managing challenging behaviour at home, supporting communication, learning and teaching in the home including TEACCH at home, self-help skills and individually created learning resources.

The support can be offered through an individually tailored plan for you, your child and your family. This would involve home visits which might take the form of advice, counselling and individual 1:1 support for your child. All work is confidential between the consultant and your family.